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Title: Immature dendritic cell response to hypoxia in vitro
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Summary: Analysis of immature dendritic cells (DCs) differentiated from monocytes under hypoxia for 4 days. DCs are antigen presenting cells whose development is influenced by the microenvironment. Hypoxia is an important constituent of the microenvironment of inflamed tissues.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL570: [HG-U133_Plus_2] Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array
  • Ricciardi A, Elia AR, Cappello P, Puppo M et al. Transcriptome of hypoxic immature dendritic cells: modulation of chemokine/receptor expression. Mol Cancer Res 2008 Feb;6(2):175-85. PMID: 18314479
Reference Series: GSE6863 Sample count: 6
Value type: count Series published: 2007/01/27