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Title: Male contraceptive agent Gamendazole effect on the testis: time course
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Summary: Analysis of testes of males treated with gamendazole for up to 24 hours. Gamendazole is a nonhormonal, nonsteroidal, oral indazole carboxylic acid contraceptive agent for males. The gamendazole analog lonidamine was also examined. Results provide insight into the mechanism of action of gamendazole.
Platform organism: Rattus norvegicus
Sample organism: Rattus rattus
Platform: GPL1355: [Rat230_2] Affymetrix Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array
  • Tash JS, Attardi B, Hild SA, Chakrasali R et al. A novel potent indazole carboxylic acid derivative blocks spermatogenesis and is contraceptive in rats after a single oral dose. Biol Reprod 2008 Jun;78(6):1127-38. PMID: 18218612
Reference Series: GSE8485 Sample count: 10
Value type: count Series published: 2008/01/24