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Title: Held out wing mutant embryos
Cluster AnalysisGDS3255 Cluster Image
Summary: Analysis of mutant embryos lacking both maternal and zygotic Held out wing (HOW), an RNA-binding protein (RBP) highly expressed in the mesoderm during early embryogenesis. how mutant embryos exhibit aberrant mesoderm spreading. Results provide insight into the role of HOW in mesoderm development.
Organism: Drosophila melanogaster
Platform: GPL72: [DrosGenome1] Affymetrix Drosophila Genome Array
  • Toledano-Katchalski H, Nir R, Volohonsky G, Volk T. Post-transcriptional repression of the Drosophila midkine and pleiotrophin homolog miple by HOW is essential for correct mesoderm spreading. Development 2007 Oct;134(19):3473-81. PMID: 17728343
Reference Series: GSE7772 Sample count: 4
Value type: count Series published: 2007/09/24