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Title: Zinc inhalation effect on the heart: dose response
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Summary: Analysis of hearts of animals after subchronic exposure to zinc via nose only inhalation of aerosolized zinc sulfate (10, 30 or 100 ug zinc/m3), for 5 hours/day, 3 days/week for 16 weeks. Results provide insight into the effect of inhalation of zinc at environmentally relevant levels on the heart.
Organism: Rattus norvegicus
Platform: GPL341: [RAE230A] Affymetrix Rat Expression 230A Array
  • Wallenborn JG, Evansky P, Shannahan JH, Vallanat B et al. Subchronic inhalation of zinc sulfate induces cardiac changes in healthy rats. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2008 Oct 1;232(1):69-77. PMID: 18601943
Reference Series: GSE11091 Sample count: 24
Value type: count Series published: 2008/09/22