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Title: Azaspiracid-1 effect on T lymphocyte cell line: time course
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Summary: Analysis of T lymphocyte Jurkat cells treated with 10 nM azaspiracid-1 (AZA-1) for up to 24 hours. AZA-1 is a marine biotoxin reported to accumulate in shellfish and is associated with severe gastrointestinal human intoxication. Results provide insight into the mechanism of action of AZA-1.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL1708: Agilent-012391 Whole Human Genome Oligo Microarray G4112A (Feature Number version)
  • Twiner MJ, Ryan JC, Morey JS, Smith KJ et al. Transcriptional profiling and inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis in human T lymphocyte cells by the marine toxin azaspiracid. Genomics 2008 Mar;91(3):289-300. PMID: 18191373
Reference Series: GSE5346 Sample count: 6
Value type: log10 ratio Series published: 2008/02/19