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Title: Nrf2-deficient lung response to cigarette smoke: dose response and time course
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Summary: Analysis of lungs from transcription factor Nrf2-deficient animals exposed to cigarette smoke (CS) at various doses and for various lengths of time with or without a subsequent recovery period. Results provide insight into the impact of Nrf2 in acute and subchronic smoking scenarios.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL1261: [Mouse430_2] Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array
  • Gebel S, Diehl S, Pype J, Friedrichs B et al. The transcriptome of Nrf2-/- mice provides evidence for impaired cell cycle progression in the development of cigarette smoke-induced emphysematous changes. Toxicol Sci 2010 May;115(1):238-52. PMID: 20133372
Reference Series: GSE18344 Sample count: 110
Value type: transformed count Series published: 2010/02/06