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Title: Diesel exhaust particle effect on healthy animals: heart left ventricle
Cluster AnalysisGDS3689 Cluster Image
Summary: Analysis of heart left ventricle from healthy animals exposed to diesel exhaust (DE) particles. Spontaneously hypertensive animals also examined. DE is linked to cardiovascular impairment. Results suggest DE exposure produces a hypertensive-like cardiac gene expression pattern in healthy animals.
Organism: Rattus norvegicus
Platform: GPL341: [RAE230A] Affymetrix Rat Expression 230A Array
  • Gottipolu RR, Wallenborn JG, Karoly ED, Schladweiler MC et al. One-month diesel exhaust inhalation produces hypertensive gene expression pattern in healthy rats. Environ Health Perspect 2009 Jan;117(1):38-46. PMID: 19165385
Reference Series: GSE9694 Sample count: 16
Value type: count Series published: 2008/06/23