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Title: Dexamethasone effect on cultured airway smooth muscle cells: time course
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Summary: Analysis of airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells treated with glucocorticoid (GC) dexamethasone for 4 or 24h. GCs are used to treat asthma, exerting their therapeutic effects in part through modulating ASM structure/function. Results provide insight into molecular mechanisms underlying GC action in ASM.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL6480: Agilent-014850 Whole Human Genome Microarray 4x44K G4112F (Probe Name version)
  • Masuno K, Haldar SM, Jeyaraj D, Mailloux CM et al. Expression profiling identifies Klf15 as a glucocorticoid target that regulates airway hyperresponsiveness. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2011 Sep;45(3):642-9. PMID: 21257922
Reference Series: GSE34313 Sample count: 10
Value type: transformed count Series published: 2011/12/10