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Title: Aging effect on hippocampal regions critical for memory and cognition
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Summary: Analysis of hippocampal cornu ammonis and dentate gyrus from young and aged female simians. Aging rhesus monkeys develop Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) symptoms and age-related cognitive decline similar to humans. Results provide insight into MetS-associated brain dysfunction in aging.
Organism: Macaca mulatta
Platform: GPL3535: [Rhesus] Affymetrix Rhesus Macaque Genome Array
  • Blalock EM, Grondin R, Chen KC, Thibault O et al. Aging-related gene expression in hippocampus proper compared with dentate gyrus is selectively associated with metabolic syndrome variables in rhesus monkeys. J Neurosci 2010 Apr 28;30(17):6058-71. PMID: 20427664
Reference Series: GSE11697 Sample count: 23
Value type: count Series published: 2010/04/15