DataSet Record GDS443: Expression Profiles Data Analysis Tools Sample Subsets
Title: Midgut metamorphosis time course
Cluster AnalysisGDS443 Cluster Image
Summary: Temporal analysis of midgut development. Examined 11 time points between 18 hours before puparium formation (BPF) to 12 hours after puparium formation (APF) as larval midgut is replaced by adult midgut in Canton S strain.
Organism: Drosophila melanogaster
Platform: GPL248: Dmel_arrayplatform
  • Li TR, White KP. Tissue-specific gene expression and ecdysone-regulated genomic networks in Drosophila. Dev Cell 2003 Jul;5(1):59-72. PMID: 12852852
Reference Series: GSE543 Sample count: 33
Value type: log ratio Series published: 2003/07/23