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Title: Mammary gland cells of different genetic predispositions for somatic cell score response to S. aureus and E. coli: time course
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Summary: Mammary gland epithelial cells of cows with favorable somatic cell score (SCS) QTL allele Q and unfavorable allele q after S. aureus or E.coli exposure for up to 24 hours. SCS is an indicator of milk quality and udder health. Results provide insight into molecular basis of mastitis susceptibility.
Organism: Bos taurus
Platform: GPL2112: [Bovine] Affymetrix Bovine Genome Array
  • Brand B, Hartmann A, Repsilber D, Griesbeck-Zilch B et al. Comparative expression profiling of E. coli and S. aureus inoculated primary mammary gland cells sampled from cows with different genetic predispositions for somatic cell score. Genet Sel Evol 2011 Jun 24;43:24. PMID: 21702919
Reference Series: GSE24560 Sample count: 88
Value type: count Series published: 2011/07/27