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Title: SmoA1 and SmoA2 models of medulloblastoma: postnatal day 5 brain
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Summary: Analysis of cerebella from Smoothened (Smo)A1 and SmoA2 mutants. The SmoA1 and SmoA2 mutations both cause medulloblastoma but have markedly different effects on cerebellar development. Results provide insight into the molecular basis of the oncogenic and developmental effects of the Smo variants.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL9734: Rosetta/Merck Mouse 38.4K RSTA Custom Affymetrix 1.0 microarray Custom CDF
  • Dey J, Ditzler S, Knoblaugh SE, Hatton BA et al. A distinct Smoothened mutation causes severe cerebellar developmental defects and medulloblastoma in a novel transgenic mouse model. Mol Cell Biol 2012 Oct;32(20):4104-15. PMID: 22869526
Reference Series: GSE34593 Sample count: 9
Value type: count Series published: 2012/11/02