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Title: Leukemia inhibitory factor neutralization effect on E. coli pneumonia lung
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Summary: Analysis of lung from C57BL/6 animals during E. coli pneumonia in the presence of neutralizing anti-leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) antibody. Anti-LIF exacerbates lung injury. Results provide insight into molecular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of pneumonia.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL11078: [MoGene-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Array [CDF: MoGene10stv1_Mm_ENTREZG_13]
  • Quinton LJ, Mizgerd JP, Hilliard KL, Jones MR et al. Leukemia inhibitory factor signaling is required for lung protection during pneumonia. J Immunol 2012 Jun 15;188(12):6300-8. PMID: 22581855
Reference Series: GSE34901 Sample count: 9
Value type: transformed count Series published: 2012/04/26