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Title: Ozone effect on Toll-like receptor 4-deficient C3H/HeJ lung: time course
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Summary: Analysis of lung from Toll-like receptor 4 (Tlr4)-deficient, C3H/HeJ males exposed to 0.3 ppm ozone (O3) for up to 48hr. Tlr4 is involved in O3-induced pulmonary hyperpermeability and inflammation. Results provide insight into the molecular basis of Tlr4 modulation of O3-induced pulmonary responses.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL339: [MOE430A] Affymetrix Mouse Expression 430A Array
  • Bauer AK, Rondini EA, Hummel KA, Degraff LM et al. Identification of candidate genes downstream of TLR4 signaling after ozone exposure in mice: a role for heat-shock protein 70. Environ Health Perspect 2011 Aug;119(8):1091-7. PMID: 21543283
  • Cho HY, Jedlicka AE, Chang FH, Marzec J et al. Transcriptomics Underlying Pulmonary Ozone Pathogenesis Regulated by Inflammatory Mediators in Mice. Antioxidants (Basel) 2021 Sep 18;10(9). PMID: 34573120
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Value type: count Series published: 2012/02/29