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Title: Adriamycin in vitro effect on Eµ-myc transgenic lymphoma cells deficient in Suv39h1
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Summary: Analysis of lymphoma cells isolated from Eµ-myc mice deficient in H3K9 histone methyltransferase Suv39h1 and treated in vitro with anticancer drug ADR. ADR induces therapy-induced senescence (TIS) in Suv39h1-proficient lymphomas. Results provide insight into the impact of Suv39h1 on TIS induction.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL1261: [Mouse430_2] Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array
  • Dörr JR, Yu Y, Milanovic M, Beuster G et al. Synthetic lethal metabolic targeting of cellular senescence in cancer therapy. Nature 2013 Sep 19;501(7467):421-5. PMID: 23945590
  • Milanovic M, Fan DNY, Belenki D, Däbritz JHM et al. Senescence-associated reprogramming promotes cancer stemness. Nature 2018 Jan 4;553(7686):96-100. PMID: 29258294
Reference Series: GSE44355 Sample count: 10
Value type: transformed count Series published: 2013/07/04