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SRX9078456: Sorted on CD155-high
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina MiniSeq) run: 1.7M spots, 58.2M bases, 23.6Mb downloads

Design: DNA was extracted from 6x10*5 sorted CD155-high cells using the QIAamp DNA FFPE Tissue Kit (Qiagen). Individual integrated gRNA sequences were amplified by PCR (primers: sgRNA_outer_shortF: 5- GCTTACCGTAACTTGAAAGTATTTCG-3; KLV_sgRNA_outerR: 5-CGAGACTAGTGAGACGTGCTAC-3.Illumina adaptors were added in an additional round of PCR (P5_sgRNA_inner_F: 5-AATGATACGGCGACCACCGAGATCTACACTCTCTTGTGGAAAGGACGAAACACCG-3;P7_index_KLV_sgRNA_R: 5-CAAGCAGAAGACGGCATACGAGATNNNNNNNGTGACTGGAGTTCAGACGTGTGCTCTTCCGATCT CCATTTGTCACGTCCTGCACG-3'Sequencing was carried out using the Illumina Miniseq platform, Illumina sequencing primer: 5-AGACTATAAGTATCCCTTGGAGAACCACCTTGTTGG-3.
Submitted by: University of Cambridge
Study: KSHV CRISPR library screen
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Genetic screen with KSHV genome-wide CRISPR library for viral ORFs that downregulate NK cell DNAM-1 receptor ligands CD155 and Nectin-2
Sample: Human endothelial cells with latent KSHV
SAMN16063416 • SRS7325435 • All experiments • All runs
Name: LIB_CD155
Instrument: Illumina MiniSeq
Strategy: OTHER
Selection: PCR
Layout: SINGLE
Runs: 1 run, 1.7M spots, 58.2M bases, 23.6Mb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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