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SRA has deposited its metadata into BigQuery (GCP) and Athena (AWS) to provide the bioinformatics community with programmatic access to this data. You can now search across the entire SRA by sequencing methodologies and sample attributes. NCBI is piloting this in the cloud-based services to help users leverage the benefits of elastic scaling and parallel execution of queries.

The SRA cloud-based resources contain tables for SRA metadata and computed metadata on SRA runs.


Below are the tables currently available for searching all of SRA in the cloud and their more extensive documentation:

Please read about the SRA Taxonomy Analysis Tool to learn how the analysis is carried out.

The Basics of SQL

The basic SQL query has three parts or statements:

  • SELECT: Identifies which columns from the selected table(s) to show. The * indicates "all columns"
  • FROM: Identifies table(s) to query
  • WHERE: Joins tables using the identical columns in both tables and sets filters on the query

Search in BigQuery

Search in BigQuery.

Search in Athena

Search in Athena.

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