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Support for Genome Workbench will end on March 31 2024. You may still use the application, but supporting documentation will not be available after this date. Read more.

Save Submission File

Save Submission File allows you to save the sequence record to your local computer in ASN.1 format (.asn file), which is the required format for submission to GenBank.

Do not save the sequence record in the flatfile (GenBank display) format for submission to GenBank; the only submission format that will be accepted is ASN.1 format.

An example of the beginning of a correct ASN.1 format is:

Seq-submit ::= {
  sub {
    contact {
      contact {
          name {
            last "Smith" ,
            first "John" } ,
          std {
            affil "Institute Of Science" ,
            div "Laboratory of Special Science" ,
            city "Anytown" ,
            sub "Maryland" ,
            country "USA" ,
            street "1234 Main Avenue" ,
            email "JohnSmith@IOS.org" ,
            phone "101-234-5678" ,
            postal-code "98765" } } } ,

For more information please see the full documentation for NCBI Genome Workbench Editing Package.

Current Version is 3.8.2 (released December 12, 2022)

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