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Support for Genome Workbench will end on March 31 2024. You may still use the application, but supporting documentation will not be available after this date. Read more.

Privacy Information

Privacy Statement

Genome Workbench is a desktop tool working on your computer with your own data. Your sequence and annotation data is processed on your computer and it is not sent over the network, unless you explicitly elect to. This offers you greater privacy control than using web tools.

For quality monitoring, Genome Workbench sends some information about usage statistics back to NCBI. This information is limited to names of the tools and views without any data association to reveal the context of your research.

Opt-out of Statistics Collection

You can opt-out of statistic collection by performing the following operations:

Open NCBI Genome Workbench.

Use Tools ->Options menu.

submit usage data

Uncheck the Submit performance and usage data checkbox.

Click OK button.

Current Version is 3.8.2 (released December 12, 2022)

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