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News: Does Social Media Make Teens Unhappy?... (The New York Times) - Behind the headlines

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The New York Times March 28, 2022

Does Social Media Make Teens Unhappy? It May Depend on Their Age.

by Virginia Hughes

A large study in Britain found two specific windows of adolescence when some teenagers are most sensitive to social media.

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Heavy social media use linked to poor sleep

Teenagers spending more than three hours on their phones are more likely to sleep badly, a study suggests.

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Fewer people with mental health, substance use disorders are smoking

The decline, though, didn’t apply to everyone.

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Link between social media and depression stronger in teen girls than boys, study says | CNN

The magnitude of an association between social media use and depressive symptoms appears to be much larger for teen girls compared with teen boys, a new study finds.

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#Blessed: Is Everyone Happier Than You On Social Media?

If you've spent time on social media, you've seen lots of pictures of people seemingly having a better time than you. They may be smiling, but they're not necessarily happy. What are they telling us?

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More Screen Time For Teens Linked To ADHD Symptoms

A new study finds that teens who engage in frequent texting, social media use and other online activities daily are more likely to develop symptoms of ADHD.